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The A Team Property Group – Accountants

The A Team Property Group – Accountants

The next most important advisor on your team is your property accountant, tax advisor, or structure advisor. Having someone on board who understands how to minimize tax liabilities is critical to your overall success. Everyone has to pay taxes, but it isn’t necessary to give up more than you should. It’s understood that if you make money, you are going to have to turn over some of your profits no matter where they come from – syndicated funds, property, or income. In general, the more money that you make, the greater the sum of money is that you will have to pay in taxes. Depending on the structure of your financial loans and your investments, you might end up paying very little out of your pocket, because you can offset the income or profit you make with the costs and holding costs from your investments. It’s a great feeling when you end up receiving a tax refund back each year for the total amount you paid in tax – just for holding investment properties!

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