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The A Team Property Group – Builders

The A Team Property Group – Builders

Building and construction undoubtedly plays the largest part in the property and housing sector. It is a monstrous industry that provides hundreds of thousands of jobs each year. From small renovations to 100+metre tall sky scraper towers. When it comes to building a successful property portfolio (pun intended), aligning with an experienced, credible quality builder is crucial. If you are not from the industry, it is very easy to be misled, overcharged and taken for a ride. Builders talk in their own language that most of us don’t understand.

The Team Property Group have worked with multiple builders across different states over a number of years in the industry and now have an approved panel of builders for each state it’s clients invest in. The purpose behind this is to ensure quality workmanship, strict timeframes, fixed site costs, fixed price, full turnkey homes. The builders we work with include increase internal inclusions and specifications to attract quality tenants on completion who are dying to move in as quickly as possible. Having a track record and strong relationships in the building industry minimises the potential risk to clients and investors dramatically.

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