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The A Team Property Group was officially founded in 2014 by CEO Sasha Hopkins. Sasha, a highly driven, successful and expert property educator, investor and entrepreneur has paved his skills in the property investment and wealth creation industry for many years. He identified a gap in the market that every day Australians were missing, resulting in lack of education and guidance to build wealth and achieve financial freedom. That focus was an understanding that in order to succeed in anything in life, in particular financially, you must surround yourself with an ‘A Team’ of professionals to minimise risk and maximise results.

We as a company inspire, educate, guide, hand hold, manage and work with you one on one to find the best properties around the country suited to your goals, financial position, strategy and existing portfolio. We apply a range of systems and unique investment methods tailored to you the individual. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach with our clients. We offer highly exclusive and profitable Joint Venture property development programs to select investors who want to dramatically fast track their wealth creation ability. These results alone can grow your investment by up to 10 x in approximately 5 years.

No matter where you are on your wealth path or investment journey, The A Team Property Group will deliver a world class experience, leaving you feeling safe, comfortable and confident about your financial future.

The Company


About the CEO

Sasha Hopkins

Sasha climbed his way through the ranks of sales, corporate account management and senior management working for one of the largest corporations in the country. He then moved onto working key positions in multiple BRW fast 100 companies. Sasha started out investing in the share market at 18 but then moved into property investment at 21. He had accumulated 12 properties on a single income by the age of 26. Sasha has featured in numerous articles in Australian Property Investor magazine. He is well practiced in multiple investment strategies and has the ability to assess any individual’s position in seconds and provide a customised strategy and the solution on the spot. To date he has consulted to well over 1000 people on how to build wealth through property investment. He has raised capital for large scale property development projects across the country. He is recently married to Lana with the arrival of their first child in August 2016. Sasha’s key values and beliefs are family, lifestyle, opportunity, choice, inspiration, vision, trust, innovation, action, passion, commitment and results.

Sasha Hopkins owes his success to Property Investment. Through smart decisions, mentoring and taking action, Sasha built up a property portfolio of 12 investment properties in 5 years on a single income by age 26. This allowed him to retire from his successful corporate career as a property investment consultant to teach the same strategies he had applied to date, continuing to inspire, educate and mentor others to achieve similar results.

Sasha has chosen to invest first to create long term wealth rather than following the ‘great Australian dream’ to own your own home. Property investment is by far the most powerful investment strategy available to us. It allows you to leverage an asset 10x the amount you are required to put in. It is the asset class that close to 90% of the world’s wealthiest individual’s and build their fortunes on. Though many property enthusiasts think they are property investors but never get passed 1-2 properties. The reason they fail is due to the lack of experience, ability and strategy.

Sasha has educated thousands of clients around the country on how to build wealth through property investment. He and The A Team Property Group are armed with superior strategies to deliver solid results when building a portfolio from scratch or implementing the best process to and system to rapidly grow your wealth without exposing it to any additional risk.

Our Story

Dedicated to Delivering Results

It wasn’t too long ago that I was sitting in the back of a minibus on my way to visit the rice fields in Bali. I was feeling great, having just finished a very successful year in my work and I was treating myself to a well-deserved break. Then, against the flow, I received a very disappointing email. In it, I was advised by my finance broker that after three long weeks of waiting, he was unable to obtain finance approval for a four townhouse development I was working on. Months were wasted in planning and I was forced to go back to searching the internet for another development site.

I thought to myself, why is it so difficult to achieve financial freedom? I’m working in this industry professionally and yet I am constantly struggling to receive the right advice I need to achieve my goals – imagine how a non-business person must feel. It’s no wonder we hear so many horror stories. No wonder people are afraid to take any chances with their financial future. It’s no wonder so many people never live the life they dream of without financial limitations, full of choice and financial stress is nowhere to be found. So it got me thinking… Wouldn’t it be good if there was a place or an organisation you could go to find the financial education and mentoring you need? Scratch that wouldn’t it be life changing for you and your family if there was a single company or team of professionals that had every industry expert at their fingertips, a team of trusted advisors that you knew you could rely on to help you achieve your financial goals through property investment or similar avenues?

Fast forward to now; The A Team Property Group and it’s expert team have solved that frustration once and for all.

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