Is It the Right Time to Invest in Australian Property?

The Australian property market moves in cycles. There are upturns and downturns, booms and busts. One city or regional market may be rising, others on the downswing. Many property pundits write endless words of advice as to when is the best time to buy and which stage of the property cycle to watch out for. In fact, the right time to invest in Australian property is right now or the sooner the better. It’s where you buy that is really important, not when.

A classic example of where not to buy was mining towns during the boom. Sure, investors flocked to these towns and received amazing rental returns. For a while. Come the end of the boom, however, the workers left, there were no new tenants and property prices bottomed with little chance of an investor finding a buyer and bailing out.

The best property investments offer safety and security over the long term. You need to seek out a solid dwelling that will be low-maintenance and appealing to tenants, located in a potential growth area with good rental returns and a low vacancy rate that is likely to remain steady. Preferably, this property should be near shops and schools with easy access to public transport and major road links. Then you need to research the best streets in the area, even the best side of the street to buy on.

A property meeting these criteria will weather the ups and downs of the market, cause little anxiety to you as long as you have engaged a great property manager and give you great long-term returns. If, for any reason, you need to divest, such a property will also attract buyers.

Easy, yes? Just create a “shopping list” and start looking in a town or neighbourhood with plenty of properties in your price range. Well, no. Finding a safe, secure investment property takes a great deal of time and research. For starters, how do you identify a potential growth area? Where are they and which ones have properties in your price range? The amount of research required can be overwhelming. And then there’s the endless hours on weekends inspecting potential properties on your shortlist.

That’s where The A Team Property Group comes in. Our expert property mentors have all the research at their fingertips and can identify the best property for you to buy without you spending hours on the internet comparing the pros and cons of various properties and in the car driving around potentially suitable suburbs. Instead, all you need do is make a phone call, spend some time with one of our mentors determining your financial status, budget and future needs and we do the rest.

All you have to do is set up a pre-finance agreement with your bank or through a mortgage broker before your purchase and find a good property manager to find tenants once the sale is completed.

Plunging into the property market on your own is time-consuming and can be risky, while using our expertise and proven property investment strategies means you can relax knowing you are in good hands and that you will get maximum returns on your investment with minimal risk.

So take the leap and call the dedicated team at A Team Property Group today for an initial consultation. Is it the right time to invest in Australian property? With the A Team backing you every step of the way, anytime is the right time to make a safe, secure property investment and begin the journey to building a strong property portfolio for your future.