About the Company

We inspire, educate, mentor and teach people how to invest in property to achieve financial freedom.



Since starting The A Team Property Group, Sasha has grown his personal portfolio value to in excess of $15M on completion of current projects.

Sasha Hopkins owes his success to Property Investment. Through smart decisions, mentoring and taking action, Sasha built up a property portfolio of 12 investment properties in 5 years on a single income by age 26. This allowed him to retire from his successful corporate career as a property investment consultant to teach the same strategies he had applied to date, continuing to inspire, educate and mentor others to achieve similar results.

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About the company

Innovative and fresh approach

The A Team Property Group was officially founded in 2014 by CEO Sasha Hopkins. Sasha, a highly driven, successful and expert property educator, investor and entrepreneur has paved his skills in the property investment and wealth creation industry for many years. He identified a gap in the market that every day Australians were missing, resulting in lack of education and guidance to build wealth and achieve financial freedom. That focus was an understanding that in order to succeed in anything in life, in particular financially, you must surround yourself with an ‘A Team’ of professionals to minimise risk and maximise results.

We as a company inspire, educate, guide, hand hold, manage and work with you one on one to find the best properties around the country suited to your goals, financial position, strategy and existing portfolio. We apply a range of systems and unique investment methods tailored to you the individual. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach with our clients. We offer highly exclusive and profitable Joint Venture property development programs to select investors who want to dramatically fast track their wealth creation ability. These results alone can grow your investment by up to 10 x in approximately 5 years. No matter where you are on your wealth path or investment journey, The A Team Property Group will deliver a world class experience, leaving you feeling safe, comfortable and confident about your financial future.

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Tom Kenneth

2 years ago I was someone who was not really consider much about my financial future…. Not much vision with regards to my fincial future… It’s been an exciting journey, the few months i’ve signed up with The A Team Pro. Sasha and the team have educated me in everything with regards to getting a propoerty. So im actually just about to purchase my first investment property…

Jono Petroholis

“Most of us know that investing in property is a pretty good idea if done right. If you don’t know how to do it right, then you could take a gamble and try do it on your own, or, you could work with the A Team”
Jono was an amateur investor before he came to us and knew the potential of property investing – however, he needed a bit of extra help to take his investment strategies to the next level.

Emil & Milly

“We were going to seminars and invested some money into another property group, unfortunately when we went on holidays last year we found out that we lost all of our savings that was invested. Without glamourising your success, I just had a gut feel that you were the right person to assist us and guide us to financial freedom. We are really looking forward to the journey with The A Team Property Group”

Robyn Field

“I was in another group and then I came across Sasha & The A Team Property Group on Facebook and I thought he knows what he’s doing for a change and I gave Sash a call.”

Tim & Jade Chester

“Property investment is something we have always been interested in but also believed in. I’ve heard the stories, read the books, worked with successful property investors but never had the confidence or thoughts that we were ready to make the jump. I reached out to the A Team pro and before I knew it we were well on our way. One thing that stood out to me was that we were actually ready years ago. The process is smooth, professional, and guided. Working with such a professional outfit has given us the confidence to use our income and resources to their full potential. Making money is easy, However wealth is a different story, Hence why we are now involved with the A Team Pro. Doing business with Sasha and his team has been not only fantastic but also refreshing. We are super excited to see what the future holds and are pleased to be involved with such a motivated business. Thanks very much in helping us start our journey….”

Mischek Kaviya

Thanks for sharing your wisdom mate, as your student am still learning but it will never deter me from achieving my goal. Can’t wait to own the property you have helped us purchase. I believe in your strategy, 100%. Cheers

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