How to Invest in Property Without Lifting a Hammer

There are many ways to invest in property. If you watch reality TV you might be tempted to try one of them. Yes, we’re talking about all those popular house flipping and reno shows where couples launch into an old house, fly at the walls with sledgehammers, bicker incessantly, get let down by tradies, find unexpected problems, burst into tears, somehow complete a stunning renovation in record time and sell the house for a tidy profit.

Sure, these shows can be addictive and renovating for profit can be a wealth-building investment strategy for certain people, but only those who:

  • Know how to hammer in a nail, put up gyprock sheets, tile a floor and paint a room. Tradies are expensive, so unless you are able and prepared to do a lot of work yourself, there goes a huge amount of your profit margin.
  • Are fit and healthy and can go the distance.
  • Are willing to give up weekends, evenings and holidays to work on the reno and possibly even live in the place in utter chaos and lacking even the most basic amenities for months.
  • Have the stamina and stubbornness of an ox.

As well as all of the above you will also need good design skills, know what to spend money on and where to budget to meet the needs and wants of buyers in the local market and make sure you don’t over-capitalise and lose, not make, money. After all, all that hard yakka needs to be well and truly worth it. This is not about creating your own dream home, you have to be hard-headed and absolutely realistic.

Whew! There must be an easier way to get a foot on the ladder of the property market. And indeed there is, it just doesn’t make for addictive television viewing.

Investing in property without lifting a hammer requires smarts not sweat – and the best property consultant and mentor you can find. Someone you can sit down with, who will go through your assets and liabilities, your income, your tax situation and your future hopes and dreams and put together a solid investment plan suited to your stage in life and circumstances.

Then they’ll use their intensive knowledge of the current market to find you a safe and hands-off investment property to get you started on your journey to a wealth-building property portfolio that will cost you the minimum amount of time and effort and pay off handsomely in the long-term.

As you build your property portfolio, your property consultant will advise you along the way and ensure you make safe financial decisions and that you are getting the best possible return on investment at every stage.

The right property consultant is your partner to future wealth, guiding you through all the sometimes frustrating and time-consuming aspects of regulatory obstacles, complex tax laws and difficult decision-making.

Perhaps most importantly, he or she will have all the knowledge and research at their fingertips to identify the best growth areas and the best value properties to purchase and can, at the right time, move you up from property investor to property developer investing in new builds and duplexes.

Going it on your own can be both risky and time-consuming so why not shop for the best property consultant around and have the security of knowing you are in capable hands? The A Team Property Group, a trusted leader in property consulting, should be your first port of call. Our expert team and tried and trusted investment strategies have already built financial security for hundreds of happy investors. You could be next if you engage our property investment experts to give you the help you need to succeed.

You’ll have all the time in the world to watch as many house flipping/reno shows as you like – while smiling indulgently at the frantic participants knowing you’ve made the right choice not to follow in their stead.

Are you ready to start investing in property in Australia? Consult with the dedicated team at the A Team today to ensure you’re making the smartest possible investments. Just watch our videos here to see what we can do to help you take the first step to changing your life and ensuring your future financial security then give us a call on 1300 ATEAMPG (283 267) to find out how you can invest in property without lifting a hammer!